Jeff Davis

Executive Director
California AfterSchool Network
U.S.: California Hub | NORTH AMERICA

Jeff Davis is the Executive Director for the California AfterSchool Network (CAN). Jeff was fortunate to begin his expanded learning career in AmeriCorps. He has strong knowledge of expanded learning as author and editor of the State of the State of Expanded Learning. Jeff has played an integral role in creating quality frameworks and standards. He has also provided leadership to efforts to advance positive youth development, social emotional learning, STEM, nutrition and physical activity, older youth, English Learners, and rural programs. 

Most recently, Mr. Davis facilitated the convening of the Whole Child Health and Wellness Collaborative that recently released their Statement of Strategic Direction Toward Equity-Driven Whole Child Health and Wellness. The vision for this equity-driven approach to whole child health and wellness is summarized in his recent blog post, California’s Golden Opportunity and summarized these statewide efforts in a chapter of It Takes and Ecosystem: Understanding the People, Places, and Possibilities of Learning and Development Across Settings. He is also one of many authors of the recently released Supporting California’s Children Through a Whole Child Approach: A Field Guide for Creating Integrated, School-Based Systems of Care.