Jasmin Jasin

Founding Principal
Gemala Ananda Elementary School
Indonesia Hub | ASIA

Jasmin is a co-founder and principal of Sekolah Gemala Ananda, a modest elementary school located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. The school was established in 2007, with the intention to provide high quality education with brain-based learning for children from middle class families. At that time, active learning was practiced quite limitedly in upper-class private schools and international schools, out of reach of common people. 

Jasmin believes in the power of community engagement and synergy. Rather than looking at itself from a deficit view point, Gemala Ananda school community is nurtured with an asset-based paradigm. School and parents are partners who collaborate to provide the best education they can possibly cultivate together for the children. Parents are actively involved as volunteers, with many school programs initiated and organized by them. 

Jasmin is a mother, a wife, and a daughter. She actually enjoys teaching more than being an administrator, but somebody has to do the work, right? 😄 She holds a master’s degree from Buffalo State College – SUNY. Previously worked as Executive Director of Bina Antarbudaya (the Indonesian partner of AFS Intercultural Programs), Jasmin presently serves on its Board of Trustees. She also serves on several ad-hoc committees for the Indonesian Department of Education and Culture.