Jannie Børger Larsen

Vice Principal
Tinderhøj Skole – Grøn Skole (Primary School)
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I work at Tinderhøj Skole, a Danish public school where I have been working for 19 years. In my school, there are about 500 students from 0.th – 9.th grades. In the last six and a half years, I have been the Vice Principal at the school. My area of responsibility is 1.st – 5.th grades, and I am responsible for the inclusion area at the school.

Tinderhøj Skole is a school with a green profile which means that our vision is to help students develop and function as active people in the small community and become active citizens in the larger community, where the perspective extends beyond the country’s borders and own generation. The school has had this profile for about six years, and I have been involved in developing and supporting it from the beginning, which has an incredibly exciting and instructive process.

I graduated as a teacher in 2003 and become employed at Tinderhøj Skole. In 2011, I graduated as a reading tutor in which I helped to start up a culture of professional reading in school subjects.  At that time, I was also a part of the municipal reading committee that prepared a reading strategy for the entire municipality. 

In 2016 I became an Educated Didactic Supervisor, a municipal education in collaboration with Metropol University College. I developed competencies in guidance, sparring, filleting and implementation of learning processes as well as action learning courses with a focus on goal-oriented teaching, classroom management and formative evaluation. These are all tools that I use in my working life as Vice Principal.

In addition to my work as Vice Principal, I am driven to see and support others in evolving, and I have continued evolving myself and I also have a diploma in management and systemic thinking.

At a workshop in 2020, Mette Miriam Böll introduced me and the other school leaders to Compassionate Systems. I immediately became very excited about the thinking behind this work, and can see how it can support and become a dimension in the green profile we have on Tinderhøj Skole.