James Clapham

Lead Teacher, Minimbah Campus
Woodleigh School 
Australia Hub | AUSTRALIA

James is Lead Teacher at the Minimbah Campus of Woodleigh School, a progressive independent school just out of Melbourne, Australia. He has taught across all levels of primary school and currently works in a dual role, working as library teacher and within the school’s leadership team. He is also a workshop leader for the Woodleigh Institute, a professional learning arm of the school. He takes great joy in nurturing the spirit of curiosity in young learners and is an advocate for holistic education.

James is passionate about exploring ways to cultivate social and environmental regeneration within and beyond the confines of the education system. In his everyday work, he hopes to empower students to become active contributors to a more compassionate and sustainable world. He sees Compassionate Systems as a regenerative stance towards education and life.

Through connection with Master Practitioner colleagues, James discovered the Compassionate Systems Framework. The framework’s emphasis on compassion and interconnectedness resonated with his vision for education and his view of the world. Primarily, James connects with this work due to its hope-filled stance towards the future. He has been utilising compassionate systems tools and practices with his students for a couple of years and has been inspired by the profound impact they can have.

In his spare time, you can usually find James in the garden or cooking up a storm with his young family.