Ittichai Rattanathavorn

Engineering House Facilitator
Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning
Thailand Hub | ASIA

Ittichai Rattanathavorn, whose nickname is “Boy,” works at the Darunsikkhalai School in Bangkok, Thailand as a Facilitator of the Engineering House. He is a senior staff member in the Engineering House with 8 years of working experience at the school.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Mechatronic Engineering and Aerospace from King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) in Thailand and a master’s degree in Masters of Teaching English as Second Language from Shinawattrara University in Thailand. His interest is in aerospace and automation, but more recently he’s been focused on “life balance,” which served as his inspiration to join this program.

Ittichai’s goal in life is to be a change agent in improving his country. He believes that starting from the root of a problem or the “heart,” after which you can focus on the “head,” is the key to success for a simple life. He intends to share the concept of a growth mindset with others also interested developing a simple life. The last thing he hopes to change is the “hand”: from building robots and automation to building a better life. He aspires to helping change the world for the better with his own two hands, thinking macro but doing micro.

At Darunsikkhalai School, they apply a Constructionist theory in classrooms with a strong emphasis on hands-on projects. Ittichai believes educators also need to help students develop other skills, including soft skills such as meditation and humanism. For these reasons, Ittichai believes that the Compassionate Systems Framework is a tool for his school for support Thai students in becoming global citizens.