Gustav Böll

Youth Leadership and Well-being Champion
Center for Systems Awareness
Global Youth Leadership | GLOBAL

Gustav Böll is a Youth Leadership and Well-being Champion at the Center for Systems Awareness. His role is to teach ambassador groups of students around the world and facilitate the global youth network of compassionate systems thinkers. He has been involved with the work since the beginning where he was mainly seen as the youth voice and was learning a lot.

Gustav’s curiosity in the fields of understanding complexity and contemplative science is present in every aspect of his life. He is currently writing a book about the underlying structures of climate change and humankind’s lack of action on the matter.

Gustav is based in Copenhagen where he lives with his friends, studies international social science which he combines with his work as much as possible, and consults the teachers and students in our Danish school project.

His ambitions include teaching the world leaders the understanding of complexity in a compassionate way, to get them to work together instead of working against each other,  and to create a world better suited to take on the challenges of our time.