Daphne Ho

Marymount Secondary School
Hong Kong Hub | ASIA

I have been serving in the field of Education for more than 25 years. To me, being a teacher is a mission rather than a job. It is my wish to be able to walk with and for young people especially at their times of challenges and confusion.

I have just taken up the principalship of Marymount Secondary School in Hong Kong since this September. Before that, I have served as the School Principal at Marymount Primary School, our feeder school, for five years. And prior to joining the Marymount community, I taught Ethics and Religious Studies in a Boys’ Secondary School.

With a background of training in Educational Guidance and Counselling, I am always concerned about the well-being of students as I truly believe it is the cornerstone of a healthy and blissful life. I also realized that the atmosphere of a community/ school and how people show up in it have greatly affected the effectiveness of an organization. After completing a research on “Cultivating Catholic School Ethos”, I discovered that how the (school) leaders create a culture of deep listening and regular reflection would contribute positively to the successful engineering of a change process.

I first came across the framework of Compassionate System in 2018 and participated in the Introductory Workshops in 2019 and 2020. I strongly embrace the ideas and the tools of the framework and I found that it fits so perfectly to my visions in education and building a healthy and effective team. It is hoped that, by taking part in this Certification Program, my colleagues and I would be able to introduce the Compassionate Systems to the school so that we can better form our students to be caring and compassionate global citizens who are committed to building a better world for all humankind.