Bo Uggerholt Lauritzen

Rødovre Municipality
Denmark Hub | EUROPE

I work as an educational development consultant with great colleagues and partners in and around the schools of the Municipality of Rødovre. My main task is to support and help the school management at all levels to reflect on and develop a school (system) – within the political and legal framework – that they can be truly proud of and believe in. It’s all about constantly developing a school that gives children and youngsters the best chances and possibilities to thrive and learn through experiences of meaningfulness and well-being.

I began my career as a teacher of social science and religion in an area of Copenhagen that is often described as relatively rough. The families and children in that community helped me raise my awareness of the consequences of the stress, relative poverty and inequality they experienced on a daily basis. Consequences that ultimately amounted to feelings of the opposite of well-being and meaningfulness. That led me to begin working with a project aimed to involve and empower the children in the schools. We called it The Citizenship Project. Elements and key principles of that project have followed me and nourished every professional action I have taken ever since. Citizenship education was also the main theme I studied when I took my MA in Educational Development at the University of Aarhus. It has occurred to me recently – not least through a workshop and meetings with Mette Miriam Böll – that compassion is at the core of everything I have been trying to help promote. That is why I hope and aim to become a Master Practitioner of Compassionate Systems. But first and foremost, I am the proud dad of Jakob and Thea and husband of Mette Elines.