Neeni Lomborg

Independent Consultant
Denmark Hub | EUROPE

I have been working in the Danish school system as a public speaker and educator on issues of diversity and inclusion for the past 20 years, and since 2004 I have served in project manager positions developing rights-based education with Amnesty International, the European Union and recently the United Nations. With The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), I established Rights Respecting Schools in Denmark, working with the schools to implement value-based strategies to support building awareness and citizenship through inclusive learning. In 2017, working for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), I co-founded UNCityforSchools which is the UN City’s national educational center on the Sustainable Development Goals in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As a consultant I work with schools, non-government organizations (NGOs) and the corporate world in developing strategies on diversity and inclusion, children’s rights or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I facilitate various events and conferences on educational or social issues – recently I facilitated UNICEF Denmark’s Nordic Children’s Summit with children from the Nordic region.

As an educator I hold interactive workshops at schools and in the corporate field on issues of diversity and inclusion, children’s rights and the SDGs. The goal of these workshops is to develop an awareness of how we as individuals share a symbiotic bond with each other, with nature and how relations are created and influenced by our perceptions of ourselves and of others.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy, a master’s degree in Sociology and another master’s degree in Educational Sociology. I am interested in understanding how our emotional and social landscapes shape us and our perceptions and what is that constitutes our relating to each other.

Being part of the Denmark Hub working with the Compassionate Systems Framework (CSF), I work closely with Maglegårdsskolen (Maglegaardsskolen). Maglegaardsskolen is one of Gentofte Municipality’s 13 public schools and has been involved with prototyping the Compassionate Systems Framework in Denmark. We plan on further developing the school’s CSF projects and leadership programs and developing a hub of educators, trainers, professionals and others who want to learn more about and to work with Compassionate Systems, thereby introducing the CSF ideas and approaches on a larger organizational level.  My aspirations for participating in the Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners are to gain knowledge and to deepen my understanding of CSF, to learn from others in the global network building on practices and to use this knowledge and mindset, essentially, to educate students in CSF, and to train educators and leaders in Compassionate Systems Framework.