MIT Systems Awareness Lab & Systems Awareness Research Conference at MIT

By Mette Miriam Boell


We are excited to announce that the MIT Systems Awareness Lab was launched on July 1, 2022 with generous support from the Carnegie Corporation, the Grace Foundation and the Stuart Foundation.

During our 3 days together, we began to dive into two overarching research questions we are holding for these studies.

  • The first question relates to “Compassionate Systems change in the making”: How do we know the processes we engage in now will lead to self-sustaining change over time?
  • The second question is a larger question of what it takes to shape generative social fields throughout the time any student is in the hands of the system of education. Our assumption is that if we manage to shape generative social fields more consistently, that will be an identifiable vehicle for Compassionate Systems change.

Nobody has ever studied anything quite like this before and no one holds “the answer” to how to approach this. Therefore, one of our key aspirations with the Systems Awareness Lab is to form a community of scientists and practitioners who can come together and explore these vitally important, yet sometimes subtle and somewhat un-graspable, concepts and ideas.

On January 17-19, 2023, we are hosting the first ever Systems Awareness Research Conference at MIT. There is no cost to attend and it is open to anyone who would like to attend. While the majority of the conference will be held in person, some of the sessions will be available virtually as well.  For more information including an agenda and registration link >>

Our hope and grand vision for the Systems Awareness Lab is that we will eventually begin to better understand what it will take to change the world of education towards an equitable system of human flourishing, a system infused with care and one where all children can grow and develop into the unique qualities and skillsets they have available to them, regardless of race, ethnicity, demographics or nationality.

We always welcome questions, ideas and input. We look forward to sharing findings with you all over the coming years.

Mette and Peter



Mette Miriam Boell
Co-founder and Executive Director | Center for Systems Awareness
Co-founder | MIT Systems Awareness Lab | USA


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