How We Show Up: Compassionate Systems in California K-12 Education

Over the last four years, a large network of educators, administrators and researchers across the California Department of Education have dedicated themselves to Compassionate Systems leadership, a learning journey of professional growth and institutional healing, grounded in attention to personal wellbeing, organizational learning, and systems thinking. Over 1,000 educators and practitioners across the State have been introduced to and, in some cases, co-designed compassionate systems tools and practices through professional development workshops, trainings and coaching with the Center for Systems Awareness. As educators across California began integrating these leadership tools in their daily practices, many began to observe real changes in their workplace relationships and culture, as they developed new capacities for wrestling with the tensions and paradoxes that come with confronting real systems change. Their work became more collaborative and trusting, resulting in better programs and improved quality of opportunities for students – including those from our most vulnerable communities – as a result. This report published in March 2021 documents their journey and its impacts. For more on the work of California Department of Education,

Cover image of report - two women sharing their experience in a workshop

Attribution: Cook, L., Senge, P., Boell, M., & Funk, M. (2021, March 25). How We Show Up: Compassionate Systems in California K-12 Education [pdf]. North Andover, MA: Center for Systems Awareness.

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