Global Community Calls Restart in Spring 2021

This year brought challenging times for us all, leaving many of us isolated through lockdowns and closures. To support our community of Compassionate Systems practitioners, we launched an online global community, hosting a series of weekly virtual sessions. Opening in April 2020 with over 90 of our community, our first series ran throughout the summer. The calls soon became a haven, full of warmth and connection. Each call highlighted one of the Compassionate Systems tools through the experiences of our master practitioners as they shared their stories from all around the world. Our hope was that during these sessions you would have the opportunity to re-connect and become inspired to work with Compassionate Systems tools in these different online and virtual settings that became the reality for us all. Your commitment to build that community was beautiful to see, with so much gratitude expressed each week for the time spent together – whether in small groups or all together. We originally planned to just run these sessions from April until July, but it soon became clear that life was not returning to ‘normal’ any time soon and our need to connect virtually would continue. In August we launched our second series, focusing on building our capacity to support one another with specific challenges. We adapted our case clinics into a virtual format, held by intentional grounding and checking in together. We are so happy that the new format worked well for you all as we developed our practice of support as a community. Hearing that so many of you felt you received an ‘abundance of gifts’ from the case clinic was heart-warming.

We hope this practice has sustained and served you in your own contexts. In a very dark room, even a small light can make a big difference. As one of the participants said, we just need to be those lights. The current global series ended in September, but we plan to restart next year. In the meantime, this December we have seen the launch of a local virtual community  by our practitioners California. Hosted by master practitioner Anissa Sonnenburg and supported by the Center, this community is open to over 300 alumni based in California, a thriving hub for compassionate systems. Our global community relaunch is planned for March 2021 and will welcome our master practitioners-in-training as presenters alongside our certified master practitioners. Our community is continuing to grow, thanks to your commitment to forming such a generative virtual space. We will continue to deepen our understanding and practice together, strengthening our connections and work around the world.


Contributor: Jane Drake, Senior Consultant

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