Future Learning Design Podcast: On Compassionate Systems Change in Education – A Conversation with Dr. Boell

In this episode of the Future Learning Design podcast from January 2024, Dr. Mette Miriam Boell speaks with host Tim Logan about the history of the Compassionate Systems Framework in collaboration with the International Baccalaureate, as well as:

🌱What is it about compassion that makes it a ‘systemic property of mind’? Why do we need more of it?!
🏫 Why are our current institutions and educational approaches struggling to respond to the needs of an increasingly complex world?
🤝 How do we help our young people hold paradoxes?
🕸 What is a ‘generative social field’? And how do we know when we’re contributing to one?

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“In partnership with IntrepidEd News, Future Learning Design is a network of passionate educators and entrepreneurs who are intentionally redesigning the experience of learning in school, work and life, so that we can create the conditions for people (and the planet) to grow, to innovate and to thrive. This podcast provides a space for enlivening and inspiring dialogues to encourage you to join in the movement to help drive positive change.” (Source: Future Learning Design)

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