Welcome to the Youth Council Community page

This site aims at containing all the information you will need throughout the cycle. We encourage you to save this page to revisit it in the future. This page will hopefully replace all the email communications, and we will update the page as we go - we therefore hope you will check this page regularly to stay up to date.

You can find information about the different sessions as well as the recordings here. To join any session, just click on the Zoom link at the top of the page (but only for regular sessions). The link is always the same.

Further down, you can also find other resources that you might find interesting if you want to learn more. We have also included a few guided meditation practices made by our contemplative faculty for you to listen to - you can even download them to always have them available.

As always, you’re welcome to reach out to Rask Wanscher if you have any questions or comments.

CYCLE 5 Calendar



Zoom Link | Recording

January 10th

Session 1

Zoom Link | Recording

January 17th

Social Gathering 1

Zoom link

January 16-19th

Foundations I - Intro-workshop

Link for info and registration

January 24th

Session 2

Zoom Link | Recording

February 7th

Session 3

Zoom Link | Recording

February 14th

Social Gathering 2

Zoom link

February 21st

Session 4

Zoom Link | Recording

February 27th

Global Community Call

15:00-16:30 CET

Text | Link

March 6th

Session 5

Zoom Link | Recording

March 13th

Social Gathering 3

Zoom link


Mid-way evaluation and 1:1 check ins

March 20th

Session 6

Zoom Link | Recording

April 3rd

Session 7

Zoom Link | Recording

April 10th

Social Gathering 4

Zoom link

April 17th

Session 8

Zoom Link | Recording

May 1st

Session 9

Zoom Link | Recording

May 15th

Session 10

Zoom Link | Recording

May 29th

Session 11 - Final session

Zoom Link | Recording

May 30th

End-of-cycle evaluation

Before session 5 we suggest:
  • Catch up with the other work if you haven't already:
    • Group commitments
    • Mandala for Systems Change
    • Systems mapping and analysis
  • Look at the article "Leverage Points - places to intervene in a system" and identify the leverage points that your project is focused on. Let that guide your efforts going forward so you can narrow your project down.
  • Add your progress and reflections in Miro.

Please note that if there is something else that seems more relevant for the continuation of your project at this stage feel free to spend your time on that instead.

Lastly, please remember to invite your respective mentors for a meeting before next session!


Save the date - Global Community Call

Tuesday, February 27th. 15:00-16:30 CET

Please mark your calendar for this date, as this will be an opportunity to share with the larger community about youth involvement, systems change and the Youth Council. It is considered a part of this cycle, so we hope to see everyone there.


In this cycle, you will not only focus on building capacity within the Compassionate Systems Framework but also deepen your knowledge of a self-chosen topic and put that knowledge into practice through a project-based approach. This design gives you the power to learn and develop on your own terms and can be more meaningful since it will culminate in a self-chosen act of service to your local or global community.
We will use the Compassionate Systems Framework to inform what kind of project might be worth pursuing and how we might have the most influence on the system we are attempting to change.

Read more about the cycle in the handbook below.

Handbook >>


Here you can find resources and recordings related to each session.


RESOURCES for contemplative practice

In the Youth Council we will explore how to cultivate personal leadership and integrate what we learn in our own lifes. In our experience, that need practicing, which is why we strongly recommend a personal cultivation practice.

As an invitation to establish a regular cultivation practice we have prepared five guided practices for you, guided by our contemplative faculty, Søren Munk and Hanneli Ågotsdatter.

You can find a morning and evening practice as well as three other foundational practices. While there's many other possible practices, this selection provides a solid basis for a varied cultivation practice.

You can either listen to it online or download them to save for later.

holding our social field
  • As a member of the Youth Council you will be expected to engage in 1½ hour sessions every other week. You will commit to a “cycle”, or semester, at a time, which typically consists of 9 to 11 sessions.
    • The sessions are biweekly sessions on Wednesday 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm CET. Make sure to convert to your own timezone.
  • To care for the social field in our online sessions, we expect an attendance rate of 75% of the sessions.
    • If you are unable to attend a session, please let Rask know beforehand. The recording will be available for you to watch afterwards.