Dave Secomb

Tokyo International School | JAPAN
For the past 18 years Dave has worked in schools throughout Australia, Asia and Europe as he strives to be a compassionate global citizen. He has most recently joined Tokyo International School as Principal. In his professional career, Dave has held positions as a homeroom teacher, Physical Education specialist, Curriculum Coordinator, Assistant Principal and Principal. His work highlights include the development of curriculum frameworks that focus on intercultural understanding; the implementation of pedagogies that are responsive, inclusive and dedicated to deep learning; and the development of a model of Professional Growth that focusses on teacher well-being as the core of personal development. As well as the day to day excitement of leading a school, Dave is a doctoral student and is currently investigating teacher and student perspectives on mathematical inquiry. Dave is passionate about helping every learner find and nurture what is most important to them, as well as how their gifts can benefit a community of learners. He enjoys a variety of sports, tinkering on the piano and, despite growing up in Australia, has an irrational fear of spiders.