Program for certified Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners

Holding Space and Guiding Contemplative Practices

Blended course including two face-to-face workshops
November 2021 – March 2022

Facilitated by Mette Boell, Hanneli Ågotsdottir & Søren Munk

Dear Certified Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners,

We invite you to join our newest Center for Systems Awareness program offered to those who have been certified as a Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner, Class of 2019-20 and Class of 2020-21. This program is grounded in learning how to hold space for others and guide meditations well, as well as deepen your own personal practice.

Hanneli will take the lead in teaching this program. Additionally, she will be joined by Søren Munk, a gifted meditation teacher and many-decades meditator who lived in a monastery in Nepal for many years.

This blended learning program consists of two in-person retreats held in California, four days per retreat, and 10 virtual convenings over a five month period. Mette will be present at both retreats and will lead a session on how to connect the contemplative work and meditations to systems awareness and Compassionate Systems change.

There will be also be an opportunity for those participating to continue in a mentorship role with either teacher after the program is finished. All will be supported in guiding meditations “live” on various Center virtual convenings, with an opportunity to debrief with the Center team afterwards.



Latest update about preferred and adapted plans depending on Covid-developments:


The first retreat will be virtual as described in the 'Adapted Plan' below. We will bring more details here within next few days.


Over the past couple of weeks, we – as everyone else – have watched the Covid-developments around the world closely and have decided to broaden access to upcoming programs and embrace a blended learning model at the Center, to ensure that accessibility is not dependent on possibilities to become vaccinated or people's ability to travel.

Our Holding Space and Guiding Contemplative Practices training is a very high priority for us and we believe it is a key strategic next step for the continuous growth of compassionate systems globally. We HOPE the in-person training will happen in the Fall in California as planned. However, we recognize that travel may still be restricted for some of you, so we have adapted to the uncertainty of circumstances, in the following ways:

Preferred Plan
The first In-person retreat goes ahead as planned in California, Nov 1.-4. Those of you unable to join physically will be able to take part through a blended option combining on-screen participation with additional recorded practices and conversations with Hanneli, Soren and Mette to support the depth of your experience.

For this to happen we need travel into the United States to open for those based in Europe so that the Center team leading the program are all able to be in California in person. We also need California to continue to allow group gatherings as the host state for our retreat.

Adapted Plan:
If travel to the US remains closed, or California does not allow group gatherings, we will hold the first retreat virtually and aspire to meet face to face for the second retreat. The program timings will remain linked to Pacific Time, and we will adapt the program to combine screen time all together with recorded practices that can be followed individually at a time best suited to your time zone. In this way we hope to lessen the impact on those in time zones that do not match with Pacific Time. To further deepen connections with our contemplative faculty there will be individual calls with Hanneli, Soren and Mette for each participant as a follow up from the first retreat.

As the situation is changing daily, we are also offering two calls with the program team to keep you all informed:

Call 1:
September 15, 2021 at 7am PST. An update call to outline the current situation, provide further information about the program and offer an opportunity for questions.

Call 2:
October 12, 2021 at 7am PST. An onboarding call for those of you how have registered for the program, with specific details of the final plan and a schedule for the first retreat. This will also include guidance around creating a personal retreat space to support those engaging virtually.

As a Center we are committed to running this program on an annual basis, moving retreat location for each year. Our aspiration is to run next year’s program within the Asia Pacific region, or Europe, depending on the travel situation.


Registration Deadline: October 10, 2021

If you have any inquiries, please submit an INQUIRY FORM