Compassionate Systems Leadership in Jakarta

December 9-11, 2019

Facilitated by Peter Senge & Mette Miriam Boell

BSJ (British School Jakarta), Indonesia


The overall aim of Compassionate Systems Leadership is to advance systems leadership in preK-12 education – leaders who foster collaboration for systemic change across organizational and hierarchical structures. Such leadership is a key dimension to support the profound changes needed for schools and education systems to become truly relevant for today’s students and for society at large. Transforming systems is, ultimately, about transforming relationships among the people and institutions that shape how those systems function. This has never been more relevant than in today’s world, where all nations in the UN have agreed on a set of global goals – The Global Sustainable Development Goals - which requires state agencies, systems of support for education and local schools and districts to reach out and build multi-stakeholder partnerships in ways never required in the past. This hands-on program, tailored for both in-school, government and local business leaders offers a practice-based approach to building a foundation in your own understanding and capacity with learning tools that have been in development for several decades.


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Author, Senior Lecturer at MIT
Center for Systems Awareness and MiT