Laura Marie Larsen

Youth Leadership & Well-Being Champion

Laura Marie Larsen joined the Center for Systems Awareness Youth Leadership Team in 2021 and her role in the Center is to co-create meaningful learning experiences for students and educators. 

She is a graduate from the three-year Enterprising Leadership program at Kaospilot, a school for creative leadership and meaningful entrepreneurship.  

Prior to joining the Center, Laura co-founded “TrivselsLab” (WellbeingLab), where she facilitated multi stakeholder processes with actors from the educational field. “TrivselsLab” is a response to students’ critically decreasing wellbeing and a higher demand for individuals and living systems to navigate and act in the complexity of wellbeing and education. The essence of TrivselsLab is to bring in students at the heart of processes and decision-making. 

She has previously been playing professional soccer and that has provided an embodied understanding of co-creation, leadership and compassionate teams. She truly believes that practicing within a compassionate learning community can cultivate personal growth and contribute to shifting systems and create change for the world.  

Laura has been living most of her life in Denmark, but moved to Reykjavik in 2022 to explore how the Icelandic landscape and nature influences mindsets.