Julie Diaz

Program Manager


Julie has been a program manager at the Center for Systems Awareness since 2019. In this role, she manages the year-long Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners and the How to Hold Space: Compassionate Systems Facilitation for Cultivating Generative Social Fields, an advanced program for certified master practitioners. As program manager, she is responsible for communication, arranging and co-designing convenings, supporting practitioners with their e-portfolios and other program needs, supporting reviewers and guest faculty, managing the assessment and certification process, and working cohesively with her program team.

Prior to joining the Center for Systems Awareness, Julie worked for 15 years in California supporting various schools, school districts and education-based organizations with project design, project implementation and management, meeting design, grant writing and reporting, and tool and resource development. She began her education career supporting a large urban California school district where she was instrumental in building, implementing, scaling and sustaining three major district initiatives: Tobacco Use Prevention & Education, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, and After School Education and Safety. Later she worked for ASAPconnect, a statewide expanded learning support organization housed in Santa Clara County Office of Education, and learned about the opportunity and value in supporting the growth of high quality programs that support students before and after core school day instruction and during the summer months.

During that time, she was fortunate to receive training and coaching in the Compassionate Systems Framework. As a practitioner and “seed planter” of this work, the focus on developing educational leaders’ core leadership competencies around personal mastery, developing a regular contemplative practice, understanding the power of putting focus on creating (visioning), improving skills to engage in more effective conversations with others, and developing systems thinking and systems sensing resonated deeply. Now being able to support other educators to learn about, seed and develop these efforts in their own worlds is one of her greatest honors. 

Since 2019, Julie has been living Reno, Nevada with her wonderful husband. Between them they have four boys between the ages of 21 and 31. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook, travel and spend time working in her garden.

One of Julie’s core values is to create emotionally safe and welcoming environments, infused with empathy and kindness. She aspires to co-create spaces where people can connect deeply with others, quiet their minds, tap into their inner wisdom, get curious, and follow their bliss.