Travis Commons, Ph.D.

Director, Sharing and Learning
Valor Collegiate Academies
U.S.: Tennessee Hub | NORTH AMERICA

Dr. Travis Commons has worked as an educator and researcher across a variety of settings, ranging from residential and clinical treatment to traditional and charter public schools. In 2014, Dr. Commons relocated from his long-time home of Chicago to Nashville, TN to be the founding principal at Valor Collegiate Academy’s pilot middle school — Flagship Academy — which has been the top performing open-enrollment middle school in the district every year since its opening. In 8 short years, Valor has become an innovation hub for pioneering a comprehensive human development (CHD) approach to schooling. Valor’s uniquely comprehensive model, called The Compass, integrates habits of academic success, social-emotional learning, and identity development in a relationship-based approach to growth – equally privileging the mind, body, heart, and spirit for all students and adults in a school community.

Dr. Commons now leads the network’s credentialing program, called Compass Camp, in which he and his team train and certify schools to implement the Compass model and to conduct Compass Circles. The Compass model is now being implemented in more than 60 schools nationwide, impacting over 30,000 students so far.