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Check ins
Small Group Check-ins
A short description of the three parts of small group Check-in
Internal Weather Check
What’s the weather today?
Mindfulness and a check-in
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Our Happiness Classroom
How an engineering teacher in Thailand used check-ins to open hearts and minds to the possibility of building a better world.
BSJ check in intro
How Do Students Explain Check-ins?
Behind Jakob’s Story from the Field
How Jakob created the check-ins featured in his "Story from the Field".
Regino 3 part
A Check-in Trio of Tools
Combining compassionate systems tools to enhance Check-ins
Nine layers of Check-in
How Sylvie Mazerolle found a place for check-in within the many different communities she inhabits.
DC line
The Power of Checking-in
View Jacob and Charlotte's slides from the Asia Pacific Community call in May 2022